Hey amazing people, its been a while (I know) but here i am and yes! I have missed yuh too darlings🤗... Now lets talk about my outfit (as usual), so there are levels of "tie and dye" and then there is my dress.. i mean look at these prints and is one of those …

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 You all know that outfit that lightens up your mood.. well this is one of those outfits for me, i decided to accesorize this lacey grey dress with some gold and black which worked pretty well for me. The black and gold chocker is literally a trend so y'all know i couldn't go wrong with …

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The 2016 victoria's secret show, hosted for the first time in Paris was legendary. The cast included 51 gorgeous women and performances from Lady Gaga, The Weekend and Bruno Mars. A number of ladies including Kendall Jenner, Bella and Gigi Hadid among others got winged. All of the wings were exceptionally amazing... but *Good Lorrddd* …

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