DJP_3331Hey amazing people, its been a while (I know) but here i am and yes! I have missed yuh too darlings🤗… Now lets talk about my outfit (as usual), so there are levels of “tie and dye” and then there is my dress.. i mean look at these prints and colors..DJP_3327DJP_3328it is one of those dresses yuh just keep in the closet because yuh can’t find the right occasion for it and when yuh do, yuh still feel like not enough people have seen it and then yuh can’t wait yo wear it again so that more people can see it🤗DJP_3335now that ya’ll have also seen it too “Yay”…. Y am i ignoring the SHOES, BAG, HEAD WRAP, CHOKER,… and talking about the dress alone.. yuh wonder! Well because i just want to really show it off… like… REALLY SHOW THE DRESS OFF🤗

Thank yuh all for stopping by and i love yuh for viewing.

Xo Scot😘


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