1487102154836 Over the weekend i got the opportunity to travel to the west (Kigezi) and believe you me i had never seen such beautiful landscapes in my entire life and yuh being my lovely people i have decided to share this beauty with yuh…148710139500314869683954641487101884626 The western Uganda being the most mountainous region in Uganda (I trully don’t know how mountains there are *sorry*) a number of rivers running with very cold waters and lakes that habour numerous amazing islands not forgetting the forests including the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest also known as HOME OF GORILLAS. The people of the west make those fertile hills and valleys look like pieces of art with their beautiful farms literally *as seen above* 14871016335761487101861078148724873236214871011962291487101169818 I will tell yuh more about the best lodges that i also got a chance to go to.  PS: I still can’t get enough of those beautiful skies.

Until next time my darlings, thank yuh for stopping by and i love yuh for viewing.

Xo Scot😘



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