img_20161201_125052The 2016 victoria’s secret show, hosted for the first time in Paris was legendary. The cast included 51 gorgeous women and performances from Lady Gaga, The Weekend and Bruno Mars. A number of ladies including Kendall Jenner, Bella and Gigi Hadid among others got winged. All of the wings were exceptionally amazing… but *Good Lorrddd* look at these bodies 😍😍😍img_20161201_122953img_20161201_125137What caught my attention this season is the fact that all the models did not get any hair coloring, extensions or wigs everyone’s natural beauty was embraced from the the short hair, the straight, the curly, blondes, brunettes… and I feel like this alone made the ladies feel their most beautiful img_20161201_124933To all the 51 gorgeous ladies who strut that runway, i respect you but most importantly i envy you, not only because you get to walk the Victoria’s secret runway but also because you get to dress like that and probably get to keep the lingerie too *uurrghhh*img_20161201_123131I will be posting my favorite looks in the next post.

Thank you for stopping by and I love you for viewing

Xo Scot😘


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