snapchat-1017590133184577303It turns out that an average woman spends $15,000 in her lifetime and two weeks per year just putting on makeup now for some people (plus a few friends i know) who live for beauty and makeup, spending endless time and money is not a problem to them at all.slider_1_-_what_s_your_take_on_the_makeup_tax_Statistics depict the total revenue of the cosmetics industry in the United states  from 2002 to 2016 is estimated to the amount of 62.46 billion dollars (isn’t that insane).  Personally i am not a makeup person really apart those times where it’s absolutely necessary (ie events, nights out, photoshoots, among others) but i’m planning to learn me a few lessons for those fancy-beauty days. slider_3_-_what_s_your_take_on_the_makeup_tax_snapchat-1017590133184577303 All in all, i personally would use that $15,000 and two weeks for a wonderful vacation somewhere by the blue water sea, wearing a swimsuit while sipping on a soothing cocktail…if yuh know what i mean *wink*.

Ladies share your preferences with me… Are you a makeup girl or a no-makeup girl. Lemme know🤗

Makeup done by my amazing brother @thehotsmitten (Instagram).

Thank you for viewing and i love you for stopping by😘

Xo Scot😘


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