img_20161109_132027Hey lovely people, its been a while n i have missed you. So.. I am OBSESSED with lingerie and when i saw this lingerie line from Ms NikkiBaby (Nude by Nikki) i got chills allover my body in an instant and i felt the need to show you a few pieces too. I believe every girl should own sexy lingerie , I know some of you might start to think “would i look like that?”, “my stomach is not that flat!”, “if only my boobs looked like that!”…. You would still look sexy as fuck no matter your body shape or size #bestbelieveimg_20161109_132152img_20161109_132045img_20161109_132128img_20161109_132112i can’t wait to get me a pair or two, or maybe even four pairs 🙈🤗😍lol and so should you. Let’s flaunt our sexy thang.

Thanks for stopping by and i love you for viewing.

Xo Scot😘


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