img_20161024_123417Hey y’all👋 welcome back from the lovely weekend.

. As we all know fur jackets are traced from way back in the 70s and 80s where they were a major fashion statement all the way from the rich folks to the pimps😂, in some cities they also determined one’s social class or status . Although today’s fashion in regards to fur jackets is in briefs, our jackets are a bit small compared to the ones worn in the 70s, the trend has expanded from simply jackets to scarfs, hats, shoes, bags and more. As seen in this post i effortlessly put my look together by simply adding a few accessories,  DIY shorts and a pair of lace heels.      14739298084801473848211151img_20161024_1233561473929920664Outfit Details: Hair and jewelry: @herfashionboxug_/ Jacket and sunglasses: @thatlastking/ Shorts:DIY/ Shoes: atmosphere.

Thank you for stopping by and i love you for viewing. Until next post…

Xo Scot😘


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