In reference to my instagram (@callmescot) i captioned this outfit and pose as “The walk-past-your-Ex attitude” and i think it suited this picture just right. Y’all saw that time when Kylie Jenner ripped her jeans on the butt cheek area. Some of y’all thought it cool while others thought it lame but the truth of the matter was she didn’t care what we all thought, she thought of something she wanted to try and she went for it

FYI (these shorts are way before Kylie’s trend) I am using her as an example because some of us have very creative minds, we think about various things in fashion but we never put them into action in fear of judgment *you-know that moment when you see something that someone has created and you start saying “I thought of doing that a while back😥” Let’s not just THINK about it, let’s DO it

Outfit Details

Crop top: forever 21

Ripped shorts: DIY

Shoes: gx by Gwen Stefani

Bag: Chanel (House of Fab Bags)

Hair: (wig) Herfashionboxug_

Sunglasses: Chanel (Chuck sunnies)

Until next post, Thanks for stopping by and I love you for viewing

Xo Scot😘


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