img_20161014_114709Following the saying “All That Glitters Is Not Gold” im proud to introduce myself in glitter YES im not gold, we all aren’t gold but aren’t we GOLDEN. Glitter has a way of lightening up my soul hopefully you too, i know when many hear of glitter or see glitter, they tend to think of it as childish, (don’t you?) 1476434725789The glitter fashion can be traced back in the 70s so think of this as a 70s fashion with a 21st century touch. I decided to match this glitter outfit (matching shorts and blouse) with the not-so little brown fringe bag which complimented my brown ankle strap heels, giving me a younger look with a more sophisticated feel to it.147643636533714764363937251476436424749Don’t be afraid to get that glitter out and rock. Let’s wear MORE GLITTER and be LESS BITTER

Thank you for stopping by and i love you for viewing

Xo Scot😘



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