1476208425398They say “Orange is the new Black” how true that is, i can’t tell!  (I have never watched OITNB series by the way). This trend is however so last season but oh well, such a lovely trend is hard to resist. I failed to define this outfit (you can drop comments and help me define it) but i can tell you that this kind of contemporary traditional style is so 2016.

1476253679420This is a custom made outfit (made by a lovely friend of mine locally). I love the fact that this mini round skirt makes my legs look long and it flatters all body types so it doesn’t need much work, the carefully handmade blazer is also a unique art piece of its own, if yuh look close enough you will see that every detail on it is not painted and neither was it printed but rather sawn beautifully and that is exactly what caught my eye, i paired it with a black H&M sleeveless blouse, MOSHINO strap bag and simple black sandal heels from ATMOSPHERE. 147620834125314762537324771476208301510

Thanks for stopping by and i love you for viewing

Xo Scot😘


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